Snow Emergency #3

Snow Covered Holly - Austin, Texas

Snow Covered Holly – Austin, Texas

I woke up earlier than usual on Monday morning. It was uncharacteristically chilly in the house, and I discovered the power was out. My smart home was not very smart without power. But an alert on the iPhone indicated that the smart grid went offline about 3 hours before, somewhere around 3 am. That was the last electronic gasp before the modern world no longer worked effectively.

With no lives in imminent danger, my thoughts turned immediately to the blog. How was I going to do my daily posts? It’s been 4 1/2 years of continuous daily activity, and I didn’t want something small — like the most epic winter event in Austin’s history — to stop me.

I banged out three quick posts on the last remaining power on the laptop. Using the snaps from the iPhone and the cellular hotspot, I was able to keep publishing. A small victory, to be sure. But, there is nothing else to do anyway.

By the way, isn’t this Holly pretty? The red, snow-covered berries look so winter-like. Though I never expected this in Austin, Texas.

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