Trolly Tracks and Leading Lines #1

Buena Vista Street, Disney California Adventure - Anaheim, California

Buena Vista Street, Disney California Adventure – Anaheim, California

Things cleared out after the World of Color show, as closing time approached. We moved slowly towards the exit as we were in no hurry. That worked out great for me, photographically.

With no crowds, the damp roads, and nighttime reflections, I thoroughly enjoyed taking pictures of Buena Vista Street. This is the main road that leads from the park entrance (and exit). The trolly tracks and cobblestone reinforced the gently curving leading lines.

The tower in the center, in a Spanish Colonial Revival style, is the Carthay Circle Restaurant. It’s a slightly smaller reproduction of the Carthay Circle Theater in Los Angeles, which opened in 1926 but was demolished in 1969. The theater premiered Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937 and the classic Gone with the Wind in 1939.

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