Princesses, Disneyland Parade

Princess, Disneyland Parade - Anaheim, California

Princess, Disneyland Parade – Anaheim, California

I took a bunch of Disneyland parade pictures, but I won’t bore you with them. For the final post in this short parade mini-series, I’m showcasing some Disney princesses. They effectively demo the focal length range of the Fuji kit lens that I used throughout the Disney coverage.

For the top picture, I zoomed in fully. The middle picture shows the roughly halfway zoom. And, the last picture is at its widest. While I generally like prime, non-zooming lenses, there is no question zooms are handy. You can’t always zoom with your feet, especially when surrounded by a crowd of people. They work really well for casual travel photography.

Princess, Disneyland Parade - Anaheim, California

I’m not really familiar with most Disney princesses, and my two sons are also clueless. My wife probably knows better. But I know the whole Disney princess thing is big in certain circles. For this post, however, they’ve been reduced to demonstrating focal lengths of a kit lens.

Princess, Disneyland Parade - Anaheim, California

This Fuji kit lens has an 18mm to 55mm range, which gives a 27mm to 82.5mm equivalent focal length in full frame terms. It’s a step up from the usually inexpensive kit lenses, having a larger f2.8 to f4 aperture range. That came in handy since the light levels were rapidly falling. For the first picture, for example, I shot that at ISO 4000.

The three pictures also give a widely varying context to the Disney parade. Yes, it’s crowded. But, you would never know that from the first two pictures.

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