Dynamic Range Beyond Canon

Bar, Waterloo Ice House - Austin, Texas

Bar, Waterloo Ice House – Austin, Texas

I’m continuing with my series using Canon DSLR lenses on a Fujifilm GFX 50R. Still using the Canon 24-105mm f4L lens from my dinner at Waterloo Ice House. I snapped this picture of the bar as I was leaving. You might recognize it from a blog post back in December 2020. I’ve included it below for reference.

Cool Bar - Austin, Texas

Click on both pictures, and you can see larger versions on a computer. You might notice the increased dynamic range, color, and sharpness of today’s photo over the one taken with the Fuji X-E3. Granted, as enthusiasts — who really fixate on these things — you might appreciate the differences. Perhaps for others, not as much. On a larger screen, the distinction is more evident.

An advantage of using an old Canon lens on a Fuji is the increased dynamic range. The Fujifilm GFX 50R, with its larger medium format sensor, has superior image quality over a full-frame Canon. The difference is subtle, even less than what you see compared to the Fuji X-E3. But it’s going to be there.

In the 35mm crop mode, the resolution falls from 51MP to 30MP. Even so, the color, sharpness, and dynamic range improvements are maintained since I’m still shooting in RAW. I lose some resolution but keep all the other attributes. Thus, there are actual tangible benefits to using a Canon lens on the Fuji instead of using it on a Canon camera.

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