LA-Like - Los Angeles, California

LA-Like – Los Angeles, California

I called this LA-like because this picture fits my impression of what Los Angeles is like. Low-slung buildings with tall palm trees. And, it actually is LA. Shot from the window of my modest hotel.

After four days at Disneyland, we made the hour-plus, 30-mile drive from Anaheim to Los Angeles. While LA doesn’t seem as large and imposing as New York City, it’s definitely denser and more urban than where Disney is located.

We picked a clean and highly-rated Hampton Inn just south of Hollywood. While it’s no picture-postcard view, I was pleasantly surprised. I certainly had a lot of fun at Disneyland, but this view smacks of the real world, which is a refreshing change from an engineered theme park. This is a place where everyday people work and live. It’s not always pretty or perfect, but that’s life.

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