Distant LA Skyline

Distant Skyline - Los Angeles, California

Distant Skyline – Los Angeles, California

The view out my hotel window was better than expected. A couple of days ago, I posted a LA-like scene looking straight forward. To the left, I saw mountains and a very distant Griffith Observatory. Today, I’m looking to the right.

LA’s skyline is certainly not the most impressive, but it’s bigger than Austin’s. And, as I drove through downtown, it had a presence that was larger than expected. When viewed off the highway, it had the feel of a Dallas or Houston.

I was taking snapshots with my compact Canon G7X Mark II. At 100mm equivalent, this was at maximum telephoto. It’s a rather busy image with lots of distractions in the foreground. However, the skyline is still adequately visible. What would this view look like with fewer distractions and more telephoto? I’ll answer that question soon enough.

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