Vine and Santa Monica

Vine and Santa Monica - Los Angeles, California

Vine and Santa Monica – Los Angeles, California

My wife and I went exploring, going south from our hotel. The neighborhood wasn’t fancy, but it didn’t look dangerous. We were cautious, but we felt reasonably safe during the daytime. I did bring my compact Canon G7X Mark II not to attract any unnecessary attention.

I documented what I thought looked interesting or different. This area was an odd blend of urban with sprawl. Clearly, it’s not downtown, but it wasn’t the suburbs either. I don’t remember seeing an equivalent neighborhood in Austin.

Vine and Santa Monica was the first major intersection. The building turned billboard looked striking, especially with the red. The bright red and yellow, with the graphic crosswalk, adds interest. Google Maps currently shows this corner building with a gray wall with no advertising — not nearly as interesting.

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