Grand Avenue Looking South

Grand Avenue Looking South - Los Angeles, California

Grand Avenue Looking South – Los Angeles, California

I have one more image of The Broad, looking under the skin of the facade. However, this photo is more about Grand Avenue and the view looking south.

The sidewalk in front of The Broad is well ordered and sculpted to match the architecture. The round and lumpy blobs are abstractly styled landscaping. The embedded lights form a runway down the block.

Further down, you see more typical commercial skyscrapers. But substantial ones. My impression of Los Angeles as only a flat, sprawled, suburb-only city was incorrect. Yes, it doesn’t have the vertical scale of a New York or Chicago. However, it’s clearly a large city with hints of urban vitality.

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One thought on “Grand Avenue Looking South

  1. Banal. That’s the word I would use to describe what I saw of Los Angeles many years ago. I think I’m not a fan of cities. I’ve recently realised that my favourite places to visit in New York City (Brooklyn and Manhattan) are all parks – Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge Park, East River Esplanade, The Battery, The High Line and Hudson River Park. Same for Philadelphia.

    I think that this is because photographing buildings in those cities require a vantage point most don’t have access to. From above.

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