Getty Center Curves #2

Getty Center Curves #2 - Los Angeles, California

Getty Center Curves #2 – Los Angeles, California

Here’s another view of the entry rotunda at The Getty Center. Airy, crisp, and soaring, it’s a dramatic introduction to the museum complex.

The interior is not symmetrical, which might be a typical approach to these kinds of round structures. The staircase becomes an asymmetric design element, which you can better see in yesterday’s post. Here, I added a small section of the balcony for visual interest.

Looking over the photos that I made, this rotunda is an unexpectedly complex building. A lot of elements come together, and while cohesive, it’s far from minimalist. I suppose that’s part of the sophistication of the design. Balancing opposing forces for a yin and yang of visual tension makes a place more enjoyable.

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