Trees and Reflection Pool

Trees and Reflection Pool, Getty Center - Los Angeles, California

Trees and Reflection Pool, Getty Center – Los Angeles, California

Walkthrough the main entrance, the one with the rotunda. And you enter a courtyard on the museum side. There are many courtyards and multiple levels of views at the Getty Center. Here, the alley of trees next to a reflecting pool dominates the space.

Unlike other museums, at the Getty, there is a cluster of buildings that houses the artwork. You can see two of them in the background. I believe all of the entrances to the individual galleries are accessible from this courtyard.

On a photographic note, I shot this at 1/4000 of a second. Clearly unnecessary since there is hardly any action. This was a mistake on my part, where I must have bumped the shutter speed dial. Consequently, my auto-ISO ramped up to 2000. Luckily, because it’s properly exposed and in good light, there is little image degradation. High ISO photography can be a challenge in marginal light but usually not an issue in bright conditions.

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