Drink and Click Portrait: Sera

Sera, Drink and Click Portrait - Pflugerville, Texas

Sera, Drink and Click Portrait – Pflugerville, Texas

We have Sera for this final portrait of this Drink and Click series. Shot at the Spirit of Texas Brewstillery in Pflugerville, Texas. I mentioned that location yesterday, and you’ll notice the same textured metal wall I used for Kirtana.

We are closer to the wall in this photo, and you’ll notice the texture of the galvanized metal. It’s not a conventional background for a portrait. But I think it works well, especially in black and white.

I often shoot portraits at about 1/80 of a second. In a dark area, I slow down the shutter even more. That’s to maximize image quality by using a lower ISO.

Sera was an experienced model with poses flowing smoothly from one to another. I discovered in our first go-around that some of the photos had more motion blur than I liked. I did a second series of portraits that worked out well, shot at 1/125th of a second. Luckily, there was adequate lighting to support higher shutter speeds.

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4 thoughts on “Drink and Click Portrait: Sera

    1. Old habits die hard. With the GFX I can go to higher ISOs but I unconsciously resist.

      Though, even the best software still doesn’t clean noisy images as well as a natively low ISOs. However, they do enable passable and even decent photographs that were previously not possible.

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