Drink and Click Portrait: Kirtana

Kirtana, Drink and Click Portrait - Pflugerville, Texas

Kirtana, Drink and Click Portrait – Pflugerville, Texas

It was November, and we headed up to Pflugerville, Texas, a rapidly growing suburb northeast of Austin. We’ve been to this location several times — the Spirit of Texas Brewstillery. Its homegrown, industrial aesthetic can work well for portraits. Here we have Kirtana with silver corrugated metal walls as a backdrop.

Between the year and a half long pandemic and a schedule change, attendance was low. Only the diehard photographers were there, and even fewer models and subjects. However, it was still enjoyable to get out and meet friends. It seems the on-again and off-again nature of events have thrown off people’s schedules.

The quiet, low-key event does have its advantages. Unlike October’s event, I made portraits in a more relaxed manner. The available lights were more capable, and the Fujifilm GFX 50R worked better with a more deliberate approach.

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