Used Surfboards

Used Surfboards - Honolulu, Hawaii

Used Surfboards – Honolulu, Hawaii

This is something you won’t see in Austin — a used surfboard shop. You won’t find any new surfboard here either. While we have rivers and dammed lakes, the closest ocean is 3 hours away. And, even then, I don’t think the Texas Gulf is known for good surf.

I experimented with this photo, and I’m unclear if it’s entirely successful. I wanted to document this store, but the vehicles created a cluttered composition.

Coming in closer somewhat reduced the extraneous information. The reflection off the truck on the left added visual interest. I made sure to include the oddly shaped roof. Finally, I further simplified it by converting it to black and white. Yes, there are numerous lines, but all are stark black and white. I achieved a balance of shapes around the used surfboard sign.

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