Old and New Money

Rolex Store - Honolulu, Hawaii

Rolex Store – Honolulu, Hawaii

What is the epitome of old money spending? Perhaps a Rolex watch? It seems like people of the older generation (like me) go out and buy a Rolex when they’ve hit it big or feel like they’ve arrived. The younger set, not so much. Many don’t even bother with watches.

I’ve never had a desire to own a Rolex. Though I have worn a watch all my life. These days, I have my stainless steel Apple Watch. Much more practical and data-driven than a traditional mechanical timepiece.

A photographer friend of mine is a watch collector. He says that you can’t even get a standard stainless steel Rolex even if you tried. As confirmation, you see no watches on display at this store.

Tesla Showroom - Honolulu, Hawaii

Tesla Showroom – Honolulu, Hawaii

If a Rolex is old money. Maybe Tesla is new money. I don’t have one of those cars either. Opting to get a plug-in hybrid instead. Not nearly as sexy, but even more practical. You can tell practicality is important to me.

I mention these two retail establishments. Since they flank the entrance to the new and upscaled International Market Place. As I wrote yesterday, it wasn’t long ago when this marketplace was really for the common man. Selling inexpensive touristy gifts. These days, it’s gone way fancy with glittering stores that can be found in any affluent shopping district.

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