Old Glory Over Arizona

Old Glory Over Arizona - Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

Old Glory Over Arizona – Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

You can see that the Arizona Memorial is not very large. I was probably standing 3/4 of the way in, looking towards the entrance/exit. It is dramatic, however. With its clean, modernist architecture, surrounded by water.

I remember posting a picture of the flag from this memorial. Though a check of my blog revealed none. Then I remembered Flickr, my first community photo experience. Here’s that version from August 2010. My current style has changed, revealing more of a street photography aesthetic.

Old Glory is the nickname for the U.S. Flag. I didn’t know the origin story until I just looked it up. It involves a 19th-century sea captain named William Driver and the American Civil War. You can read the longer than expected story here in Smithsonian Magazine.

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