Grungy Chinatown

Grungy Chinatown - Honolulu, Hawaii

Grungy Chinatown – Honolulu, Hawaii

A couple of times during this Chinatown series, I stated that the one in Honolulu is the grungiest and scariest I’ve ever been to. I don’t have the actual crime statistics. Perhaps I’m unfairly characterizing the place based on superficial observation.

However, you get a sense of a place that can’t always be quantified. Living in New York City for many years, you develop a 6th sense and quickly make judgments on relative safety. Even during the daytime, something about this place was off. Maybe the pandemic had a lot to do with it.

I saw this grundy bar on North Hotel Street that attracted my attention. It had better than average architecture. And a worn character that made it photo-worthy. However, I was less enthusiastic about photographing the person sitting by the doorway. Was she just relaxing or down on her luck? I made a quick photo shooting from hip level. I think she shouted a comment from across the street. I ignored her and hurried along.

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