Moana Surfrider Sunset

Moana Surfrider Sunset - Honolulu, Hawaii

Moana Surfrider Sunset – Honolulu, Hawaii

I continued to capture the post-sunset scene on Waikiki Beach when my wife called. She asked if I wanted to meet her and our friends for drinks. I slowly headed east towards the Moana Surfrider while continuing to capture frames.

Walking through the lobby and to the back patio, I was greeted by the last colorful burst of sunset color. Technically, the sun had set some 20 minutes ago. However, the residual color remained amped up by post-processing.

I found a delightful collection of palms beyond the pool that worked perfectly as a mid-ground element. I included the deck chairs in the foreground, and the color was the indisputable background. Perhaps it’s an overused tropical composition. But I like it nevertheless.

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