Dynamic Angles of Ellis Bar

Ellis Bar - Austin, Texas

Ellis Bar – Austin, Texas

Another couple of blocks east, at Congress Avenue and 2nd Street, I came upon my architectural favorite. Located at the entrance to a Food Hall, Ellis Bar makes a dramatic welcoming statement. During the height of the pandemic a year and a half ago. I made a picture of the interior. With a closed bar with no patrons. It was easy to shoot up close.

Testing the Fuji GFX 50S II unencumbered with a tripod, I moved quickly and took two pictures. I’ve mentioned how nice it is not to use a tripod. It’s not only because of laziness. Some places just don’t allow them. Sometime during the haze of 2020, I was accosted by an overzealous rent-a-cop for taking a picture here.

Ellis Bar - Austin, Texas

A colorful garden adjoining this space attracted my attention. It was the height of lockdown, and I visited quietly for some phototherapy — in the middle of the day, with no one in sight. A security guard insisted that I couldn’t take a picture using my GFX 50R attached to a tripod. If I were shooting with a smartphone. I surely wouldn’t have been hassled.

I didn’t argue since this was a private space, though amid a public downtown. I just moved on. It took less than 30 seconds to make today’s two pictures. Without a tripod, I attract less attention and get my shots quicker. It decreases the run-ins with petty rule enforcement.

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2 thoughts on “Dynamic Angles of Ellis Bar

  1. I have had similar experiences with building security. Unfortunately it is easier and probably safer to go along with their requests. Even if the location is truly public property, my case was a local university building.

    As you have mentioned it is best to not stand out too much.

    1. I’ve had some run-ins with security myself. I don’t make a big deal of it and move on. However, if I can lower my visual photographer footprint. I’m all for it.

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