Lake Austin, Looking West

Lake Austin, Looking West - Austin, Texas

Lake Austin, Looking West – Austin, Texas

I patiently passed the time by taking in the view and occasionally snapping photos. Yesterday, we saw the 360 Bridge looking southeast. Today, the scenery to the west. As the start of the fireworks approached, more joined the flat limestone plateau, eventually filling the space.

Sunset was disappointing — there were no clouds to add texture and drama. I shot some pictures anyway, just after the sun dipped behind the hill. The color was even more subtle in real life. Exposure and post-process manipulations coaxed some pastel from the bland sky.

Given the amply dynamic range capable in the GFX 50S II, I shot at an extreme 3ev underexposure. Almost everything was a silhouette except for the sky, river, and the faint traces of clothing. Then in Capture One, I dramatically lifted all the shadows, producing a perfectly exposed image while retaining the subtle sky color. A worthwhile experiment to know how much I can push the extreme post-processing gymnastics.

Make a note of that scraggly tree on the left. It will become a key element in tomorrow’s post.

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