Only $999,999

House for Sale - Bayside, New York

House for Sale – Bayside, New York

I shot this on day two of my trip to New York City. I stayed on Long Island and traveled back to Queens to meet my high school buddies. The big 40th High School reunion was the next day, but friends started arriving from different places. We had our first pre-reunion meeting in Bayside. A neighborhood west of Flushing and generally more affluent.

My friend lived in this community of cute homes and precisely manicured mini-lawns. I found out the asking price was only $999,999. A bargain, right? Coming from Texas, a house of this price would yield a McMansion 2 to 4 times larger, depending on the neighborhood.

I looked up the listing and discovered it still hasn’t sold. Since June, they’ve dropped the price $50,0000. Pick it up. It’s a steal at only $949,999.

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