Okay, One More Drink

Alicia - New York, New York

Alicia – New York, New York

I had a blast at my 40th High School reunion, hobnobbing and catching up with classmates. Of course, there was photography involved. I self-volunteered to document our group’s weekend events, including taking snapshots at the restaurant. The f2 lens on the Fuji X100V was perfect for a dark venue.

Alicia was working at the event. I discovered she grew up in Pennsylvania and moved to New York. The opposite of me, who grew up in New York and moved to Pennsylvania.

The experience of Drink and Click runs deep, and there’s always an opportunity to do a little ad hoc portrait photography. I took a few photos and formulated this fun concept of Alicia offering me a drink.

Restaurant Staff - New York, New York

Restaurant Staff – New York, New York

I also took a quick snapshot of the others who worked with Alicia.

The odds are I was being chattier than usual, fueled by some social lubricant — I had several drinks. Lucky for me, my friend Frank was the designated driver. Others in the group had hotel rooms nearby.

This social event contrasted with the Drink and Clicks that I attend locally. Despite the name, I rarely if ever drink and I just click at those bar venues. In Austin, I drive to those places and want to ensure the safety of myself and those around me.

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