Mostly Empty Subway Station

Mostly Empty, Hudson Yards Station - New York, New York

Mostly Empty, Hudson Yards Station – New York, New York

Here’s another view of the new Hudson Yards’ Number 7 Subway Station. Beautiful and modern, it’s all that most New York City subway stations aren’t.

I snapped this image on Monday at 10:59 am. While past the morning rush hour, I would’ve expected more passengers at this time. It’s clear that, back in June 2022, most knowledge workers still worked remotely. The New York City office buildings remained underutilized.

While intended to be an architecture photo, I inadvertently captured a person on the right. It then occurred to me how odd to have such a sparse station. With the central screen documenting the date and time, the image becomes an unexpected editorial on the lingering effects of the pandemic.

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