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Subway Escalator, Hudson Yards Station - New York, New York

Subway Escalator, Hudson Yards Station – New York, New York

I had ambitious plans to walk to lower Manhattan to meet my friend Susie for lunch. However, just getting to Hudson Yards and documenting it took too much time. I was in desperate need of quick transportation 3 1/2 miles south. It doesn’t sound far, but in New York City, nothing moves very fast.

Though I’m very familiar with the subways, I was wary of using them on this trip. I heard some concerning reports of random violent attacks. New York was only starting to get out of its COVID funk, and the trains were underutilized.

Taking a chance, I jumped on the Number 7 train from Hudson Yards. One of the newest stations in the system, it featured a modern and texture-filled escalator tube reaching deep underground.

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