Drink and Click Portrait: Terra

Terra, Drink and Click Portrait - Austin, Texas

Terra, Drink and Click Portrait – Austin, Texas

Drink and Click events restarted this year in March and have continued at a regular cadence. I’ve attended most of them, though I haven’t blogged about them since early January. I’m featuring the latest session during a pause of my New York City coverage. Two weeks ago, we went to Koko’s Barvarian, a first-time venue on Austin’s east side.

As usual, I prefer not to get into the fray of portrait-making. These often center around the available off-camera LED lights set up for participants. I don’t see a point in making shots similar to others around me. Though in actuality, the differences in gear, framing, and post-processing can produce noticeable variations.

I invited Terra to a dimly lit seating area away from the crowds. Hanging bare bulb lights created a soft ambient glow, which made for challenging conditions. With an f2.8 setting on my FujiFilm GFX 50S II, I created this quiet portrait at 1/20th of a second. Image stabilization was essential, as well as a patient and steady model.

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