Rainey Street Food Trucks

Rainey Street Food Trucks - Austin, Texas

Rainey Street Food Trucks – Austin, Texas

With all the changes on Rainey Street, it’s nice to know there are remnants of the past — there are still food truck courts around. Their locations shift as different developments eat up any open land.

The variety and sophistication of these trucks continue to amaze along with their prices, which are undoubtedly affected by our increased food price inflation. I don’t know how many here are due to SXSW versus the locals. Regardless, Rainy Street bustles and is longer a sleepy part of downtown, surrounded by large residential buildings.

The Fujifilm 16mm f2.8 produces these light streaks, evident at night. Is it an optical flaw or a welcome lens character? For now, I don’t mind the effect. It adds a bit of nighttime photographic drama.

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