Big Bugs in Texas

Alaska Airlines at San Jose Mineta Airport - San Jose, California

Alaska Airlines at San Jose Mineta Airport – San Jose, California

I featured this photo on my goodbye post for the Canon 7D, back in 2013, when I sold that camera. It’s one of my favorite photos, which I have framed and on display in the guest room. It’s in stark contrast to last Saturday’s post, which used an image shot with an iPhone 6s. Back in 2010, when I created this photo, big DSLRs were in full swing. I took that Canon 7D everywhere. It was shortly afterwards that I began my transition to the smaller mirrorless cameras.

There’s a fun backstory. I took this at the old Terminal C of the San Jose Mineta Airport — that terminal has since been closed. I flew on that Alaska Airlines flight from Austin, got off, turned around and saw the dramatic clouds. A perfect backdrop to the airplane. I fired off a HDR bracket, three shots, standing as steady as possible. It’s one of my rare HDR photos where I didn’t use a tripod.

As I left, the captain on the left commented, “There are big bugs in Texas”. He went on to explain that, somewhere over El Paso, on the flight from Austin to San Jose, huge bugs splattered the windshield. You can see the maintenance man, on the ladder, with squeegee in hand. I always remember that funny story and it works wonderfully as a compliment to this photograph.

Part of my Technicolor Collection, where I celebrate HDR photography.

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