Facebook’s Glass VR Room

Facebook's Glass VR Room, 2016 Fan Fest - Austin, Texas

Facebook’s Glass VR Room, 2016 Fan Fest – Austin, Texas

As a followup to yesterday’s Facebook portrait post, here’s a closer look at the Glass VR Room, setup for the 2016 F1 Fan Fest. The whole thing has a futuristic vibe with a slightly dystopian feel, I think. Less than a generation ago, towards the end of the last century, they wouldn’t even recognize what these people are doing, let alone know what Facebook is. Such a rapidly changing technological world we live in.

This VR thing might be a passing fad or a niche for gamers. Hard to tell right now. It’s not really a public activity, since walking around outside, with those goofy headsets, will even be worse than the much derided Google Glass. Maybe, it will be something people do, just in the privacy of their own home. Time will tell.

I shot the photograph with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II with the Olympus 17mm f1.8 lens. One of my favorite light weight setups for low light photography.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook’s Glass VR Room

    1. It would be a real shame if people use this as a substitute for real human interactions. But, I’m sure it will happen.

      I think the technology will have its place, but how mainstream it becomes is a mystery.

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