World Map of One Million Views

It took a while to reach this milestone, but sometime during the early morning, my blog ticked past 1,000,000 views. While a million is just a number, like any other, I wanted to pause and reflect. The neat thing about the internet is that a single person’s work can now be viewed all over the world. Yes, there is more noise than ever, but the odds would have been slim, for my work to viewed a million times, pre-internet.

WordPress.com, where this blog is hosted, has some interesting statistics. The details only go back to February 2012 (I started this blog in July 2010) but as you can see from the world map graphic, nearly every country in the world has visited this site. The biggest gap I see, in the middle of Africa, is Chad.

World Map of One Million Views

No surprise that I have the most views from the United States, but surprisingly only about 40%. I’m gratified that my work is also seen internationally. Perhaps people around the world have found something in common with my life in Austin. I do believe we are more alike than different.

Not shown in the bottom twenty, is North Korea with 3 views. North Korea, for me, is a proxy for a remote and isolated place. Hong Kong made the top twenty at 9000+ views but Mainland China also has a respectable 548. Does this mean the great internet firewall of China is not blocking access to my site? Or is it that only certain government officials have special access? It’s fun to speculate about these distant places.

To all the people of the world, a big thank you for visiting.

I have more plans for this site. I hope you find my work interesting, amusing or at least a distraction from whatever you need to be distracted from. See you again, soon.

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17 thoughts on “1,000,000 Views

  1. I’m impressed. I will hit half a million on or about Wednesday this week. Sometimes I have to google a country from which I’ve gotten a few hits because I’m not actually sure where in the world it is. San Marino in one of them. I technically began my blog in Feb 2012, but really that is the date I started following YOU and signed up for WordPress. I didn’t post anything until June and got serious around October. You’ve gotten at least twice as many hits as me in about the same amount of time, since you’ve only been “counted” since 2/2012.

    I’ve learned a lot of geography from seeing where hits are coming from. And, like you, wondering about these people. Who they are. What brought them to my site from whatever foreign shore. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be blogging at all. So congratulations and thank you. You’ve led and I’ve followed!

    1. Thank you, Marilyn. You’ve been my biggest supporter.

      There is certainly an Olympic Opening Ceremony moment, looking at some of these counties. I do wonder, where the heck some of these countries are. It’s a big world, out there.

  2. Hi and greetings from mainland China! At least in this hotel where I am staying there is access to your blog but I cannot comment on general availability.
    Thanks for the blog. It is my personal favorite in many respects. Terveiset Suomesta, greetings from Finland!

  3. Very impressive (I think I gave you a few hits from France when I was visiting my family). I think it is amazing that your blog is, in a way, more popular in UK (as a ratio of the whole population) than in the US!

    1. Thank you, Laurent. That is interesting about the UK. I heard, comparably, Olympus is more popular in Europe than in the U.S. I wonder if that his anything to do with it?

      1. Not sure. I am part of a photography group in france (using facebook), and they are all (around 12 people) DSLR users (all Canikon, I think), except my bro who uses mostly a point and shot (Fuji X-10). I think maybe English people are craving your bright and sunny landscapes during their gray and rainy, 9 months long winter?

        I always thought your blog’s strength (beside the bright landscapes and colors for our vitamin D-deprived European friends) is that it represents the point of view of someone who is a hobbyist like 99% of your viewers. Nice mix of reviews (including some odd vintage film camera), and pics on a variety of topics. What else to look for?

      2. Thank you Laurent, for your kind words. I love to get feedback from my viewers. So nice to know what they are thinking when they visit my blog.

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