Mickey and Friends

Mickey and Friends, Disney World - Orlando, Florida

Mickey and Friends, Disney World – Orlando, Florida

Disney World puts on these special holiday themed shows in front of the Cinderella Castle, several times a night. I shot this just after I made the hand-held HDRs of the castle. I switched my lens from the 9-18mm wide-angle to the 45mm 1.8. It worked perfectly for the show.

Incidentally, I stood in the same place to take this photo, as the second photo of the castle, from the previous post. You can really appreciate the focal length difference between a 18mm equivalent and a 90mm equivalent. Since it was nearly 11:30 pm, I just shot the first few minutes before call it a night.

Disney does a great job with these performances, delightful for any age. I didn’t specifically set my schedule to see them, but I stumbled upon a few of them, nevertheless. They put me in the holiday spirit, even when the temperature was 70 degrees, which I certainly didn’t mind. A cold and snowy Christmas has its own charm but I have to admit that I don’t miss it.

The Olympus 45mm f1.8 is an excellent, inexpensive lens. Though, I haven’t used mine too often. It was particularly handy shooting the various performances at Disney and highly recommended. With a large 1.8 aperture, it works well in low light and to keep a decently fast shutter speed for capturing lively dancing.

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