Sarah Drinks a Hot Toddy

Sarah Drinks a Hot Toddy - Austin, Texas

Sarah Drinks a Hot Toddy – Austin, Texas

The Drink and Clicks this winter, seem to coincide with the blast of arctic air that makes it all the way down to Austin. And by arctic air, we mean the 30s, in Austin. Photographer Sarah, drinks a Hot Toddy to warm up, shot yesterday at the latest event.

We went to a new place, Prohibition Creamery, which combines a full bar with an ice cream parlor. Naturally, you can get a standard drink or scoops of ice cream, but you can also get ice cream infused with booze. I passed on the ice cream, but had a fun time shooting, nevertheless.

I had my new Olympus PEN-F with me with the Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 lens. A great combination for such a dim venue. I used the standard, built-in “mono profile 2” setting, which emulates grainy black and white films like Kodak’s Tri-X. A perfect image for my Deep Blacks collection.

Until this photo, my Deep Blacks images were all shot with the Pentax Q7 in Japan but the intent of the collection was always to move beyond a particular camera and location. The Pentax Q7 is a fun and tiny camera, but the Olympus PEN-F bests it in image quality and versatility.

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6 thoughts on “Sarah Drinks a Hot Toddy

  1. Really love that shot!!!!! Being a computerless photographer (except for work, I am using a chromebook), my whole approach to photography is to try to keep my processing to a minimum (I already spend 8 hours a day on a computer, no need for more). Right now I am using a very simple site that I really enjoy (, but the idea to use film simulations directly in the camera is very exciting (can you shoot in square format as well?)

    1. Thank you, Laurent. I hear that a lot about not wanting to spend time in front of a computer to post process.

      That film-emulator website is neat, thanks for the link. My only concern is that I would have to upload my photos to it, to use it and I don’t know what they do with the uploaded photos.

      The camera has the native 4:3 format, plus 2:3, 16:9 and square. Plus it has a several film simulation presets, which you can adjust in-camera.

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