Bourbon Street Neon

Neon, Razzoo - New Orleans, Louisiana

Neon, Razzoo – New Orleans, Louisiana

With my love of color and glow at night, it was inevitable that I would add a few more picture of neon. Of course, Bourbon Street has a good supply, understandably, to advertise excitement and the pleasures of alcohol induced release. I have no problem with a few drinks, every now and then, but I much prefer taking pictures of lovely neon. Strange, right?

I wish Austin’s 6th Street, our lively entertainment district, had this preponderance of color. In many ways, the neon of Bourbon Street reminded me of the ones on Beale Street in Memphis.

I shot those Beale Street photos with the same Olympus and a modest Panasonic ZS50 point and Shoot. Of course, I had to push the limits to get halfway decent photos with the ZS50, but I’ve noticed a noticeable improvement with my Olympus photos.

In the year and half since I shot those, I’ve changed the way I shoot my photos and Capture One gives me special post processing powers that I didn’t previously have.

Goes to show that, even with same camera gear, new techniques and software technologies can make a meaningful difference.

Neon, Bayou Burger - New Orleans, Louisiana
Neon, The Swamp - New Orleans, Louisiana

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