Tony, After the Concert

Tony Tobin, After the Concert - Austin, Texas

Tony Tobin, After the Concert – Austin, Texas

Making a portrait at a 24mm equivalent on a point and shoot is not ideal or usual, but that’s what I ended up doing. I actually like the results too, not only because of the non-traditional angle and the geometric composition but because of Tony’s expression. I think I captures his personality.

It was nearly a month ago when I attended one of Tony’s excellent concerts. This one, dedicated to Debussy. I brought along my compact Canon G7X Mark II, just in case, mainly to make snapshots. After the concert, Tony asked me if I could shoot some portraits. With an adequate built-in zoom range, I could have used a more typical 70 – 100mm equivalent portrait oriented focal length, however, the room is really tricky. It’s not setup properly for portrait photography by the piano, because of the lighting and distracting background.

I’ve featured Tony before on this blog. Not only is he a professional classical concert pianist, he’s also an accomplished photographer. Over a year ago, I created these portraits, which has a simple and artistic style. Tony was nice enough to feature one of my photos on his Steinway Artist’s Profile page.

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6 thoughts on “Tony, After the Concert

  1. Beats the traditional. It gives the subject an intriguing, rakish look. Now for a little tedious masking and induced underexposure on the window and your friend has a smashing good publicity shot.

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