Streetcar Fisheye

Interior, Trolley Fisheye - Hiroshima, Japan

Interior, Streetcar Fisheye – Hiroshima, Japan

It’s fun with fisheye time again. This time, out the front of a Hiroshima Streetcar. I’ve mentioned a multitude of times that I like pubic transportation systems. This modern version doesn’t have quite the character of this one, from New Orleans. Of course this photo has the “benefit” of fun fisheye distortion, which does add visual interest.

I was on the way to my second major Hiroshima area tourist destination. The first being Miyajima, which I featured over the last several weeks.

The natural beauty and serene feel of Miyajima is a stark contrast to my next stop. Given the city that I was in, I’m sure some of you probably know where I was headed.

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