Cameras that don’t work out

Canon G15 and G7X Mark II, Precision Camera - Austin, Texas

Canon G15 and G7X Mark II, Precision Camera – Austin, Texas

I do a good amount of research before buying a camera. And, most of the time, I have solid reasons for buying one. Often, they are intended to fill a need (or a perceived need). For a number of years, I’ve experimented with that perfect carry around camera. One that has good image quality, ample controls and portability. But despite my best efforts, sometimes, a camera just doesn’t work out.

I bought the Canon G15 back in 2013, lightly used at Precision Camera. It was one of the top enthusiast compact cameras back then — one with good controls and solid image quality. I bought it to replace the Olympus XZ-1, which I got at an incredible discount. I used the XZ-1 extensively, but ultimately I felt like it didn’t quite meet my image quality needs. The Canon G15 was supposed to solve that problem.

The thing was, the G15 was just large enough to be too chunky. Sure, it took great pictures, but it was too large for a compact camera. I basically didn’t bond with it and didn’t use it very much. In retrospect, I probably should have just kept the Olympus XZ-1. The slimmer and stylish white camera, while inferior in image quality, was more fun to shoot.

Last December, when I bought the Canon G7X Mark II, I sold the Canon G15 to Precision. I didn’t get much money for it, of course. But since I wasn’t using it, I got rid of it. Looks can be deceiving. While it doesn’t seem like a big size difference, the G7X Mark II is noticeably smaller and thinner. It’s pants pocketable, if necessary. The G15, no way.

I’m glad I’m using the G7X Mark II extensively. With over a half a year of usage, it looks like a keeper.

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