A Grand Tree

A Grand Tree - Honolulu, Hawaii

A Grand Tree – Honolulu, Hawaii

Near the entrance to the Royal Hawaiian, on the opposite side from the beach, there’s a rather lush front yard. In particular, I was struck by this grand tree. Substantial enough to compliment, and even overshadow parts of the pink 1930’s era hotel.

I’m not familiar with this tree and how fast it grows. In Central Texas, a tree of this size is rare or perhaps even nonexistent. A Live Oak of this size, if it did exist, would be hundreds of years old. Maybe in Hawaii, with their ideal tropical weather, things grow faster. Still, I wonder if this predates the 1927 hotel.

A Grand Tree - Honolulu, Hawaii

It’s hard to appreciate its enormity and beauty from photographs, even when using my wide-angle Cinematics style. As you may know, I’m not much of a landscape photographer. But I do like the well manicured in a man-made setting. To me, this is a structural element, more architectural than natural.

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3 thoughts on “A Grand Tree

    1. Hi Rennie, thanks for the information. This must be a very well trimmed Banyan tree. The other ones that I’ve seen have root like structures that drop down to the ground from the branches.

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