The Right Camera for the Job

Four x Five Photo Fest 2018 - San Antonio, Texas

Four x Five Photo Fest 2018 – San Antonio, Texas

It may be possible to take good pictures with any modern camera, but having the right camera for the job certainly helps. And, by job, I’m not implying a commercial endeavor. Rather, it’s about having the right device for a particular circumstance.

I’ve shot a lot recently with my compact Canon G7X Mark II. As a travel camera, on vacation, it, in many ways, is the right camera for the job. It’s easy to take anywhere, of course, but equally important, I can take snapshots in restaurants or even high-end stores without raising attention. And, unlike a smartphone, the powerful flash works effectively with even large groups.

The Olympus PEN-F, on the other had, was the perfect camera for the Four X Five Photo Fest. While I also brought my compact Canon, it was the Olympus that ruled the day. Why? It’s a lot faster than a compact camera, both for startup time and focusing speed. The image quality is higher, due to its larger sensor. And, I can create my beloved contrasty black and whites, which just seem to work well for the subject at hand.

Capturing today’s featured photo, requires quick reflexes but also a quick camera. A DSLR would work too, but just seems a bit clumsy in this low-key artsy event.

There is also the visual appeal of the retro-inspired PEN-F. The camera’s good looks attracted even more attention than usual, perhaps because of the creative crowd. Black DSLRs are common. It’s not everyday, one sees a PEN-F. It’s a conversation starter and a nice opening to ask for a portrait.

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