Luchadores at Precision

Luchadores at Precision - Austin, Texas

Luchadores at Precision – Austin, Texas

I can assure you, these are not typical Precision Camera customers, or at least they don’t usually dress this way. They are Luchadores, Lucha libre wrestlers, made famous in these parts by the wrestling in Mexico. They were at Precision during the Canon Takeover event, three weeks ago.

It got even fancier. Directly outside the store, a full wrestling ring setup under a giant awning. It was a rather creative photography event — shooting these wrestlers in action — thought up by the folks at Precision. I’ll feature some action shots in tomorrow’s post.

For today, a fun little snapshot with the Canon G7X Mark II. Most of my photos from this cameras are processed RAWs, many in my wide-angle Cinematics format. However, as I mentioned in my recent post called “Do you have an Irrational Fear of JPEGs?”, this little Canon compact does a really beautiful job with skin tones. Often better than my efforts prettying up RAW files.

Like today’s photo, my family snapshots are often JPEGs, post processed lightly. In this case, I just add a bit more color saturation and nothing else. I think it’s a perfectly enjoyable snap.

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