Moon over Downtown Austin

Moon over Downtown Austin - Austin, Texas

Moon over Downtown Austin – Austin, Texas

I was looking east from the shores of Lady Bird Lake as the golden hour started. While I shot this on the same day as the “Angry River” post, yesterday, the water doesn’t look ominous from this vantage point.

The pale moon, three days before full, rises. And, while there’s been explosive downtown growth, as I’ve posted on this blog, this composition is relatively free of new buildings. I see parts of three newer structures, but the majority of the buildings are from the late eighties.

I’ve fallen back to my old habit of shooting with wider angles. The wide-angle Cinematics at a 24mm equivalent and a panoramic aspect ratio have enticed me too much. But, not for today’s photo. I did make this image with the Canon G7X Mark II but at a native 31mm, and at a 2.72x crop factor, this equates to a 84mm equivalent view.

I also cropped this to a 4×3 ratio, which is the default for my Olympus cameras, though the Canon shoots at a native 3×2. Sometimes, non-default ratios work better for certain compositions.

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