Mostly Angles

Mostly Angles - Austin, Texas

Mostly Angles – Austin, Texas

I was like a tourist in NYC, looking up and gawking at skyscrapers. Except, I was in Austin, Texas. The area around 2nd street has changed a lot. Camera in hand, pointed upward, I explored.

Only recently, these kinds of photos became possible in Austin. Only a few years ago, the buildings weren’t as tall and the spacing, not as dense. I found this angular overhang, rendered a deep black, which fit like a piece into the architectural puzzle.

Having a small camera, a capable compact, disguised as a point and shoot, can be handy. You look less dorky pointing it up to the sky.

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5 thoughts on “Mostly Angles

  1. I remember my younger brother when he was studying engineering, used to draw buildings like this, to the scale. It would appear easy but was in fact quite difficult.

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