Blue Hour at Springdale General

Blue Hour, Springdale General - Austin, Texas

Blue Hour, Springdale General – Austin, Texas

Yesterday, I talked about the gentrifying east side of Austin. As part of the East Austin Studio Tour, I noticed old industrial structures repurposed into multiple small studios which are rented out to artists. Even more impressive is Springdale General, featured in today’s post.

Using inexpensive industrial materials in a crisp and graphic way, I knew this was designed by an architect. Springdale General is a space designed for artists and industrial designers. It features a unique look with affordable pricing.

I arrived back where I started on Sunday, just at the peak of blue hour. The leading lines always catches my eye and the yellow structure contrasted nicely against the blue.

Repeating Structures, Springdale General - Austin, Texas

Blue hour is fleeting in Central Texas. It was dark by the time I left my last studio visit, 30 minutes later. But this second photo gives you the scale and design of the place. I love how it looks. It’s so much more than your typical concrete tilt-wall industrial space. With big windows and a sense of style, I’m sure it’s the perfect place for creatives to get their next inspiration.

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