Sailboat and Bay Bridge

Sail Boat and Bay Bridge - San Francisco, California

Sailboat and Bay Bridge – San Francisco, California

The Ferry Building, that I’ve been talking about for the last several posts, is an apt name. It was designed as a terminal for ferries. And though the ferry traffic had diminished greatly after the bridges were built, it’s still in use today. Naturally, behind the building is San Francisco bay.

It was getting foggy and drizzly, which is not usual for San Francisco. Luckily my Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II and the 14-150mm travel zoom are weather resistant. The diminishing weather, however, had the benefit of creating some moodiness, which I enhanced with a gritty black and white.

A sailboat was passing through my frame and I waited for optimal positions to start making photographs. This one is a 78mm equivalent. I made another at a 116mm equivalent, but preferred the wider perspective, which has better balance.

I think the boat makes the photograph. Without it, the Oakland Bay Bridge would not look nearly as exciting. The Bay Bridge, while larger than the famous Golden Gate, is not nearly as photogenic.

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4 thoughts on “Sailboat and Bay Bridge

    1. Yes, I’m sure the building was designed for people too. Actually, it’s a very lovely building and I’m glad they restored it.

    1. That sounds wonderful. The closest I’ve been to the sailboat experience is the sail powered catamarans that my family and I ride on our visit to Hawaii.

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