The Monk and the Lion

The Monk and the Lion, 2019 Chinese New Year - Austin, Texas

The Monk and the Lion, 2019 Chinese New Year – Austin, Texas

Closing out this year’s coverage of the Chinese New Year is another photo featuring a lion. Though this time with a monk, which I’ve never shot together before. There’s not as many monks at the local Asian strip mall, I’m assuming, compared to a Buddhist Temple. So it was worth changing my venue from my usual Chinatown Center (mall).

With predominantly Asians featured in this photo, both as subjects and in the background, this is another photo that belies its origin. Is this China, Hong Kong, Singapore? Of course you know this is from Austin, Texas, where I live. But seen out of context, it’s hard to know. That’s what I like about this photo and the multicultural aspect of my city.

There’s nothing that beats the authentic experience of traveling to another country; the excitement as well as the confusion. However, it can be expensive and you may not have the time to travel. The next best thing, perhaps, it to attend festivals close to your hometown. It’s not the same, of course, but it’s a lot easier and cheaper. And, you might end up taking worthwhile photos that look more exotic than you expected.

Print it, frame it and pop it on the wall. Who would know? In fact, it might even make for a better, unexpected story, behind the photograph.

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