SXSW ’19 Portraits: Kelsey and Taylor

Kelsey and Taylor, SXSW 2019 - Austin, Texas

Kelsey and Taylor, SXSW 2019 – Austin, Texas

In 2017 and 2018 during the big SXSW event in Austin, I created a series of candid portraits (these are from last year). I did the same this year, but I only made a few. I figure I’ll start my SouthBy (as the natives say) coverage this year with the portraits. They are black and whites, shot with my usual Olympus PEN-F and 50mm equivalent lens. It’s become my default setup for candids and street photography.

This big music, film, interactive, and (now) gaming event always conveniently starts around my birthday. I take a day off from work, go downtown and inhale a big dose of Austin trendiness. I’m hoping it’s the magic elixir that keeps me young or young at heart — staying open to new ideas. Like last year, I hung out a lot at the Vox Media venue, which took over a comparably nice bar called The Belmont on West 6th Street. What’s not to love. They have free food and drinks, live podcasts and supposedly hip and trendy things a 55-year-old blogger should know about.

Today, we have Kelsey and Taylor who were working at the 3M demonstration area, which featured industrial sound related products. What that has to do with SXSW and on-line internet media, who knows. But, I’m sure Vox was happy to defray their costs with another sponsor and 3M gets some publicity. That’s SouthBy.

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