The Road to Mysore

Scooter Riders - Road to Mysore, India

Scooter Riders – Road to Mysore, India

It was early Sunday morning and I was in a car heading towards Mysore, a city ninety miles southwest of Bangalore. Just the day before, I had the distinct pleasure of making portraits of lovely models all afternoon. This day’s photography will be very different.

I’m not a morning person but woke up early anyway for art, creativity, and tourism — I was hoping to make wonderful street photographs in a historic city. Though it wasn’t very far away by U.S. standards, the roads in India are developing and can get very crowded. Leaving early made sense.

The three and half hour trip there was unexpectedly interesting; I got to witness rural India. I stopped at a historic temple on the way and then in Mysore I was in full tourist mode. At this point, I was in India for a week and have settled down. Less frantic, I think my street photographs became stronger. I made very satisfactory photos in Mysore.

However, I’m pausing my India coverage again on this blog to let other topics bubble up, as I often do. I promise to return to India to continue with my Mysore trip. In the mean time, I have a shameless plug for the India book I recently created. If you like street photography, gritty black and whites or exotic India, I think you will like it. My Mysore chapter is the largest and I feature 42 photos. The entire book spans 123 photos over 168 pages. A majority of the photos from book won’t be on the blog.

Click here to sample and order the book

Professional photographer and uber blogger, Kirk Tuck, has written a wonderful review. I feel honored and very happy that he is enjoying my work. Many others have also commented favorably.

Today’s featured photograph is not in the book. Even at 168 pages, I had to limit myself. That’s part of the challenge creating something with physical constraints, I suppose. Though surprisingly, looking through a lot of pictures in a physical book seems more enjoyable than viewing them online.

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7 thoughts on “The Road to Mysore

  1. Very nice, Andy!

    And great review of your book — well deserved, too!

    Feeling inspired, – Chris


  2. Hi – just received my copies of your book – excellent and thanks (bloody quick getting them to England !)
    Am sending a copy to my Dad – he was a business man who spend much time in India over the years, firstly as a director of a well know UK firm, then in retirement as a supervisor /Tutor to Indian students of a U.K. MBA course.
    As a keen photographer like you he took out many an hour to wander round the place.
    All the best
    Mike Walsh

    1. Hi Michael, thank you so very much for purchasing my book. It means a lot to be able to share my work and have it appreciated. I will love to find out how your father likes it; to get his opinion whether I captured the essence of India.

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