The Road to Mysore, Again

Girl in Auto -- Road to Mysore, India

Girl in Auto – Road to Mysore, India

At the end of April, over four months ago, I paused my India coverage, temporarily, to move on to other topics. After numerous events, street photography and architecture in Austin, and the coverage of my new Fuji cameras, I’m back in India.

When we last left off, I did a model shoot on a Saturday and the next day, I was on the Road to Mysore. I’m starting where I left off. On a dusty highway traveling from Bangalore to Mysore, India. A three a half hour trip to go 90 miles. On the way, I stopped at a couple of places which were equally as interesting as my ultimate destination.

I’ve featured many of these autos, short for auto rickshaws, in their ubiquitous green and yellow. The girl in the bright red outfit was a nice punch of color just as the light was getting better. It was dark when we started. Waking up at 5am and we were on the road before 6. The traffic is terrible in this part of India and we didn’t want to get bogged down in a traffic jam.

These images make for great reminders of a memorable trip and I’m glad that I can share them with you. As you may know, I created a gritty black and white street photography book of India. The folks that have seen and ordered that book have some wonderful things to say. You can click here to sample the book and even order a copy for yourself.

Today’s photo was not included in the book since the primary colors are a key component. I’m sharing a small sliver of my overflowing image collection wrapped with stories from my last day in India. I hope you enjoy the series. We’re not in Austin (or Kansas) anymore.

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