Jasmine #1

Jasmine #1 - Austin, Texas

Jasmine #1 – Austin, Texas

My friend Charles from Olympus invited me to an event during the Olympus Experience Weekend, which happened earlier this month. It was a lecture and pool-side shoot with Joe Edelman at the Hotel Indigo in downtown Austin. I brought along a couple of Olympus cameras, both because I like them a lot and because I thought it was bad form to bring my Fuji cameras to an Olympus sponsored event. Though surprisingly, many of the participants shot with non-Olympus cameras.

Since I was there for free at a paid class, I didn’t participate much at first. I listen to the lecture and mostly hung out with Charles. Only when the paying participants got their fill, I made some portraits. It was nice shooting with the Olympus PEN-F again. I found it effortless. Certainly, because I’m really familiar with the camera. But also, it has a smoothness and finesse that bests the Fujifilm X-T10 that I’ve been playing with.

Today, I feature Jasmine. One of two models at the event. As you can tell from the title, I have some more portraits of her coming. This was in good available light in the early evening. Piece of cake compared to my usual nighttime Drink and Click portraits. I had her stand by a railing that overlooked the city, purposely overexposing 1 2/3 stops to blow out the background. I like the simple look that puts the emphasis on Jasmine.

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