A Blue Yellow Cab

A Blue Yellow Cab - Austin, Texas

A Blue Yellow Cab – Austin, Texas

We had perfect weather last Sunday, the mid-70s, and bright sunshine. It’s something we really appreciate in Central Texas because we have a lot of hot days which flip suddenly to cold. Not that 30 to 40 degrees are cold for most people, but when your blood has thinned to adapt to 100 degree plus weather for three months, anything under 50 is downright chilly.

With a beautiful Sunday and a new camera to test, I headed downtown. I brought my Olympus XZ-1, the Fujifilm X-T10 fitted with a 35mm f1.4, and a totally brand new camera that I haven’t talked about yet. It’s an unusual camera too, something you don’t even see in most specialty camera stores. But I’ve eyed it for two years now. I’ll reveal the camera first in my November Newsletter, which I’m working on right now.

For today, though, an image from my Olympus XZ-1, which is getting more than its fair share of coverage recently. Something tells me that this guy isn’t fully committed to the Yellow Cab concept. Maybe he is hedging his bets. I quick repaint of just the front doors, and he is ready for Uber or Lyft. Between ride-sharing and the promise of self-driving cars, I wonder how long traditional taxis will be around?

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