Library Photo Shoot

Library Photo Shoot - Austin, Texas

Library Photo Shoot – Austin, Texas

I was strolling all over downtown Austin a week ago, enjoying the perfect weather and testing a new camera. I went into the library too, making casual snapshots with a point and shoot, which feels a lot different than using my larger interchangeable mirrorless systems. I’ll post those images sometime in the future. I finally made it to the roof level deck for probably the best view of downtown Austin from a public building. I’m not sure why it took so long.

This part of Austin has really blossomed, with the majority of the area construction nearly finished. People are sitting at outdoor cafes, casually strolling, and several were even taking pictures. There’s a sense of vibrancy without any of the downsides of overcrowding.

The Second Street Bridge has become popular for portrait photography sessions, especially with the new Central Library in the background. This is not the first time I’ve seen these. I didn’t linger but did a rather quick walk-by snap, using my fully amateur looking white Olympus XZ-1. Nice to do low-key photography and not hinting at my rather serious photography enthusiasm. I received a quick look but didn’t raise any eyebrows. I’m sure things would’ve been different if I had a chunky black DSLR instead.

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4 thoughts on “Library Photo Shoot

  1. Andy, I’ve noticed over the last few years the sharp increase of outdoor portrait and small scale production shoots at my city’s parks and gardens. For someone who enjoys landscape photography as well as cityscapes, it’s getting more difficult to find unoccupied space. Either I’m in their way or vice versa. And I’m always careful if there are kids involved.

    OTOH, I did discover that a mom thinks her baby is a “pretty baby”, as she said it about 100 times trying to get her to smile.

    1. I understand, Jim. Sometimes, I have to wait extra long to get people out of frame when I make my urban landscapes.

      On the other hand, since I’m active in street photography, I also embrace the street scene. You can say I wear two hats when I do photography in the city.

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