Owls Stand Guard

Owls On Guard - Austin, Texas

Owls On Guard – Austin, Texas

I’ve featured The Independent, the tall building in the background, often on the blog. It’s currently the tallest tower in Austin. But today, I want to show you something else. Something new that was recently installed downtown. Yes, it’s the two owl statues.

This is the recently opened sidewalk on the north side of the 2nd Street Bridge. As the construction on this side of this street winds down, they’re putting on the final touches. The landscaping and especially the whimsical artwork adds the texture to an urban space — it’s starting to look complete.

There’s an interactive component, too. If you sit on the base, which acts as a bench, you can rotate the entire statue. The two owls are facing each other here, but they can be adjusted to look any which way. A few of us had fun changing their orientation.

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