Light Show and Skyline

Light Show and Skyline - Singapore

Light Show and Skyline – Singapore

Day two in Singapore, I hopped on the MRT (subway) and headed straight for the Marina Bay Sands after work. I wanted to photograph the twice nightly light show.

With dancing water fountains, colorful lighting, and lasers, it’s a Las Vegas or Disney style extravaganza. The production value didn’t quite match what I recently saw at Disneyland, but it’s certainly worth experiencing. You also see the awesome Singapore skyline in the background and it’s free. What’s not to like.

I used the Olympus PEN-F this time, locked down on a tripod. And, while this is a colorful and even dramatic photograph, it didn’t meet my expectations. It really doesn’t adequately capture the breadth of the show. I had to change my approach, and I had one more night to get it right.

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